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                        Sizzling Summer

                                    (from e-shuushuu.net artist Pon) 

Hey. It's summer now. That means it's hot. Really hot. Too hot. Time to dump an ice machine into the hot tub hot. So hot the polar ice caps are saying "DAYUM, turn down the heat! We're melting here!"

The heat is draining all my energy away... time for a quick update before I collapse. Again...

Dragon Quest X is getting a PC release and update. "About flapping time!" cry fans. It will be the first Dragon Quest PC game. DQ X the MMORPG was originally on the Wii and WiiU, but internet connectivity to their gaming system exasperated players. The PC release features updated graphics and overall smoother play. Japan will see Dragon Quest X on the PC in September. Still no official news on an overseas release. 

There is a beta version of the game available for download. Obviously it is in Japanese and players' computers need to be up to the game's standards. I'm afraid I can be of no help if you're interested in downloading the benchmark, but alittlebirdysays and liquidmetalslime may be able to answer your questions. Follow them on tumblr to see their characters and comments on the beta game. 

Still no word on whether or not English fans will see any Dragon Quest 3DS games. North America and Europe are suffering a DQ drought, but once this summer finally lets up hopefully there will be some shining news of hope.

There is SOME good news. DQ-HQ has 80 members now! Welcome to our new heroes: cannockprincess, Mitsukara, and liquidmetalslime! Mitsukara has uploaded artwork taken from the very first Dragon Quest game. And cannockprincess has uploaded her own creations (follow her on tumblr too - that's an order). Check out all the new artwork!The picture gallery is finally ALIVE!  

Stay cool, peeps, and wear plenty of sunscreen when you go outside. Happy Fourth of July to all our American Dragon Questers. If you need me, I'll be in the pool. For the eternity for summer. Ta ta!

                                                       - JessicaAlbert13 7-3-2013  

                         Mayday Updates

Felicitations, everyone. I hope you're enjoying this lovely season. A time for rebirth, blooming flowers, hope, and dreary rain. Also allergies. In fact looking at those cherry blossoms is making my nose itch.

Now that we're in the merry month of May it's time for an update!

Recently Square Enix has announced it plans to re-release another Dragon Quest Monsters classic. Terry's Wonderland met with huge success in Japan last May, so naturally the second installment in the monsters series has come to attention. Dragon Quest Monsters 2 will be remade for the 3DS.  An exact date has yet to be released. It's unknown if countries overseas will see this remake. English speaking fans were denied other Dragon Quest titles on the 3DS, Terry's Wonderland and Rocket Slime 3. You might remember Dragon Quest Monsters 2 as Cobi and Tara's Journey for the Gameboy color. Hopefully we will see the siblings' triumphant return.

While dates are still up in the air, there are rumors about Dragon Quest X coming to America. Certain online shopping sites and even my local GameStop are certain that the RPG MMO will be for sale by the end of this year or the beginning of 2014. This news finally shines a ray of hope! 

But please don't hurt me if that ends up being untrue. I will personally torture and torch my local GameStop if this proves to be false. I keep medieval torture devices locked in my basement just for this exact reason.

As usual I'll be on the look out for any Dragon Quest news. Whenever I hear something juicy I'll report it here!  

Ta ta, friends. Don't forget that Mayday is also the international holiday for spring cleaning!

                                                       - JessicaAlbert13 5-2-2013 

                      New Domain Name

DQ-HQ now has its own domain address. The new address is www.dragonquesthq.com. If you have this site under your favorites make sure to save the correct address. Spread the new around! DQ-HQ finally has its own personal domain, dragonquesthq.com!


Yes, yes, you may thank and praise me later.

                                                      - JessicaAlbert13  2-26-2013


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